Hot Springs Village property owners come to RE/MAX Rentals in a number of ways. Some want to preserve cash-flow from a home they will ultimately move into. Some have purchased a vacation home with an eye towards renting it out for times of the year they’re not able to be in the Village. Some are investors who have made a business by purchasing Village homes and choose to utilize RE/MAX Rentals to find them qualified renters.

Whatever the case, our agency makes the process easy. Your home will receive the benefits of our comprehensive Marketing Plan which includes placement on hundreds of Websites locally and nationally. On-time payments, electronic funds transfer, timely tax and P&L information and careful tenant screening, are just a few of the things that set RE/MAX Rentals apart.

Additionally, we have valuable relationships with maintenance contractors in the area and can provide significant discounts due to these wholesale arrangements. We help coordinate all the repairs and these discounts can save homeowners significant money. Take advantage of our No-hassle property management that leaves the details squarely in our hands.